Samashti Bhiksha for Pujya Swami Swaroopananda July 22, 23 & 24 2022

Dates: July 22, 23 & 24, 2022 9:20 AM PT
Time: 7:30 PM PT
Location: Chinmaya Haridwar” 3551 NE John Olsen Ave
Open to all, Signup required to attend

Hari OM!

Bhiksha is offering an Acharya a meal or snacks. Offering bhiksha to a Swami (sannyasi) has been considered one of the foremost duties of a householder in the Hindu tradition.

During Swaroopanandaji’s visit to Portland, to make sure everyone who would like to interact with Swamiji gets an opportunity, there will be Samashti Bhiksha in the southwest room at Chinmaya Haridwar, so that about 5-6 families can be with Swamiji during each bhiksha.  The suggested tax-deductible donation is $501 per family, you will have an opportunity to cook and serve him, and we will also give you a keepsake photo with Pujya Swamiji for your family at the end of the Bhiksha.

Please note that as you will be in close proximity to Swamiji during the bhiksha, we require that everyone 5 and above in your family be vaccinated.

Before your Bhiksha date, we will let you know a possible dish you can make for Swamiji and give you the specific guidelines for receiving, serving, and offering Dakshina. There is no problem if you are a Chinmaya family, visiting from out of town and can not cook – you simply have to indicate that when you sign up and we will take care of the dish for you.

For out-of-town guests please contact us so that we can help you with group rates in the nearby hotels.

    By signing up to offer Bhiksha, I attest that:
     1. Everyone 5 & up in my group is fully vaccinated.
     2. No one in my group has any fever or symptoms, and I will notify CMP if this status changes.
     3. We will observe masking and social distancing guidelines given to us by CMP.
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