Prthvi Utsav Signup

Join us to celebrate Earth Day on Saturday Apr 23, 2022 from 1 pm to 5 pm at Chinmaya Haridwar, with a special welcome address by Vivekji.

Detailed Agenda

We have fun and informative activities planned for all ages. Some of the activities you can participate in are:

  • Satvik Shark Tank: Be the Super Hero entrepreneur who saves humanity from climate change! Here is your fun opportunity to pitch a business idea related to how to become more sustainable and reduce carbon footprint. Each team (2-5 students) will present their idea in front of the audience. 
  • Debate: The goal of the debate is to raise awareness about some important environmental issues that are affecting all of us. Form your team of 2-3 members and choose from one of the following three topics:
    1. nuclear energy vs. other sources of renewable energy
    2. commercial meat vs. plant-based meat
    3. houses built using concrete vs. wood.  
  • 2nd Life:  Everything deserves a second chance! Join us to learn how to reuse everyday items that might have ended up in the trash. You will upcycle plastic bottles into bird feeders and old clothes into grocery/produce bags. Take home your creations and be proud about the impact you made every time you use it.
  • Posters: Do you want to impress your community with your Green knowledge?  The participants will create a tri-fold poster board and bring it for display at the event. The Posters will be judged by our elite panel of experts and winners will have the pride of being the Greenest in our community. Pick from one of the below topics:
    • 3-8th Grades
      1. What is Climate Change?
      2. Greenhouse gasses (What are they, how are they produced, how can we reduce them)
      3. Renewable Energy (Different Types, Pros and Cons)
      4. Any other topics related to Sustainability
    • High School and Adults
      1. Paris Climate Agreement or COP26
      2. Carbon Free Lifestyle
      3. Advanced Technologies for Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Vegan Baking: Do you enjoy baking? What about getting creative with what you make, and baking vegan? If so, join our crowd-judged baking competition. Be prepared with two dozen of any baked good you can think of.
  • Scavenger Hunt: This is no ordinary scavenger hunt! Dig for clues & information on actions you can take to help mother earth. Instead of merely finding the clues, you have to tell where you found the clues and you will get a task to do (don’t worry, it’s just something easy).

    Will you stay back for vegan dinner ($10/person)?

    On April 23rd, are you interested in participating in any of the following activities?

    For the months of April and May, are you interested in participating in any of the following activities?
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