Please Read and Agree to our Terms & Conditions
  • PLEASE NOTE:  The use of the Chinmaya Haridwar facility is predicated on maintaining the safety and well-being of all of our members. Vaccinations and face masks are mandatory when we start meeting in person.
  • Membership donation per family: $600. We meet during Academic year (Sept-June) at 9:20AM on Sundays. With Hindi class, $700 per family.
  • Choir (Chinmaya Swaranjali) participation, Yoga classes, Bala Vihar classes, Study Groups and Vedic chanting classes are all part of the membership.
  • Every NEW family must fill out the form completly, no exceptions.
  • The trial option is open only for NEW members who want to try out and ends on September 30th of each Academic Year.
  • Please note that if you sign up as a trial member just before Sunday, your child may not be able to attend the Bala Vihar or Hindi classes for that day, as we provide the zoom information *only* after making sure registration is accurate for the safety and security of our Bala Vihar children.
  • Renewing families, please do not fill-up the form again, just send in the membership donation, if there are any changes (like address, email, the addition of a family member, etc), please send us a mail regarding that along with your donation information, and we will update your record.

Membership Type

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Student’s Information

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Facility Use

  1. Supervise children at all times and do not allow them to run inside the facility.
  2. Do not open any exit doors other than the lobby door, enter or exit only through the lobby. The other doors are for emergency exit.
  3. Parents and students are expected to dress modestly while coming to Chinmaya Haridwar. (No hoods or hats other than what is part of traditional wear)
  4. Bala Vihar class attendance is mandatory for participating in language or Swaranjali or chanting classes.
  5. No solicitation or distribution of ANY materials allowed on Haridwar premises at any time.
  6. Non-vegetarian food, alcohol, and tobacco are NOT allowed anywhere on the property at any time.
  7. No shoes or food/drink inside the auditorium at any time. Shoes must be taken off only on the shoe rack specifically provided for this purpose, not anywhere else.
  8. Sign up to volunteer in the areas you can, we are an all-volunteer-organization.
  9. Chinmaya Mission Bala Vihar encourages safety practices for children, both on and off Mission grounds.
  10. For those parents who are NOT participating in the adult study group, you can either sit in the back of the auditorium till the Bala Vihar class is over or leave the facility and come back at 10:45 AM to pick-up. Please do not sit in any classrooms or on the stairs as it distracts the children. If you are going to leave the facility, you must ensure you have one adult who knows that you are leaving and will be responsible for your children in case of an emergency.

Please initial that you have read the notes regarding the Facility Use numbers 1 through 10 above and agree to comply with it.

Waiver and Release

In consideration of my family’s participation in the above program, I hereby, for myself and my family, waive and release Chinmaya Mission and their officers, trustees, volunteers, and members, and all other persons participating in the program, or involved in planning or execution of the program, from all liability or claims arising from any injury to myself, my family or my property.  This release shall include, without limitation, all claims for negligence, and shall exclude only claims for willful injury, which exclusion for willful shall extend only to the person committing willful injury and not to any other person released hereby.  I hereby give permission for my family to have their picture/video taken while participating in activities associated with Chinmaya Mission. Said pictures/videos become the sole property of Chinmaya Mission and will be used only for recruiting/information-sharing purposes.

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