Chinmaya Haridwar Bala Vihar Zoom Etiquette

Please note that we are a community organization and our zoom etiquette is set by our board to keep us all safe and secure.  For more information, read and understand the acceptable use policy from Zoom.

  1. Do not share our Meeting IDs and passcodes with anyone other than your family or post them on any social media.
  2. Students should be punctual; they should join five minutes before the start time and attend until the class ends. Once the class starts, teachers will not be able to open the “waiting room” without causing disruption to the class.
  3. Always join the class with video ON. Be sure other participants can see your full face clearly.
  4. It is very important to have lighting in front of you (Light should fall on your face). If the light is behind you, your face will be dark in the video.
  5. Keep audio on mute. Unmute only when you are required to speak. Follow the practice of raising your hand (in the participant list pop-up), and the teacher will give you a chance to speak. The teachers show the students how to do this during the first class.
  6. Use appropriate headsets to avoid distraction to yourself and others.
  7. Keep your device fully charged. Use a stand/support for your device for stable video.
  8. Sit in a clean, proper place (study or prayer room if possible) with good lighting and minimum disturbances or distractions.
  9. Chinmaya Mission is a place of learning and worship, so please dress appropriately and be presentable as you do for regular Bala Vihar. No pajamas!
  10. Children should be prepared, with their notebook, textbooks, pencil, etc. as instructed by the teacher.
  11. Respect for Self is Respect for Others. Children should be attentive and respectful in class. Use the “raise your hand” feature to speak and wait for their turn before speaking and “mute” your device when not speaking.
  12. Use the chat feature as a tool to ask questions and communicate, not as a distraction.
  13. Be active and refrain from multitasking while you are in the class. Do not eat or walk around, do not engage in other side conversations or activities while you are in class.
  14. Treat these sessions with respect just like the regular onsite classes.  Please remember that we are an all-volunteer organization.  Be mindful of everyone’s time commitment.
  15. Parents, please be accessible to help your child if needed.
  16. Restrict conversations to only the Bala Vihar curriculum and related topics.

For Zoom Support for these sessions email with a detailed message about the issue you are experiencing, we may not be able to answer phone calls right away as we may be attending the session.