Sing Bhajans During Assembly!

Location: Chinmaya Haridwar” or over zoom
Open to our members, Signup required to participate

Love is the heart of religions, the theme of all classical works of art and literature, the song of all devotees. Scientists know only what love does not what love is.
~Swami Chinmayananda

Hari OM!

Devotional Singing (Bhajans) and Namasmarana (repetition of the Divine name) have often been prescribed by eminent divine personalities and true spiritual leaders as an age-old tool for spiritual, mental, and emotional upliftment. In short, an end result is an act of purification to one’s being and surroundings.

If you are our member or trial member and you or your child would like to sing Bhajans, here is the perfect opportunity, during our assembly! The bhajan singing slot is from 9:20 to-9:30am. Any devotional song, in any language, can be sung as long as all can sing along. Please prepare bhajan(s) to be sung in an assigned 10 minutes duration. You will need to be in the hall (or login to zoom) by 9:15 am. The lyrics of the bhajan need to reach our AV coordinators by Friday of the preceding week at the latest.

Please signup below and appreciate your flexibility about the date.

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    Sunderkaand Parayan 9/25/2021 9:30 – 11 AM

    Time: 9:30-11 AM every last Saturday of the month
    Location: Zoom – sign up to receive meeting information by email

    Open to all

    Hari OM!

    We would like to invite you to our monthly Sunderkaand Parayan, every last Saturday of the month.

    This is the most blessed Kaand or section in the whole of Ramayan and therefore it gains this unique name ‘Sunderkaand’. ‘Sunder’ means Beauty. Lord Hanuman’s other name is ‘Sundara’. In Sunderkaand, Sage Valmiki speaks about the achievements of Hanuman. For Hanuman nothing is impossible. His attitude always reminds us of self-confidence, faith, and devotion to Rama, fearlessness, and trustworthiness.

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      Become a Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth Ambassador!

      Let’s co-create a global campus where Indian knowledge traditions meet modern knowledge!


      Puja Gurudev, Swami Chinmayananda, was an enlightened master and a visionary. Gurudev saw the need for a higher learning institution that integrated Indian knowledge systems with modern technology and educational approaches. In 2016, Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth (CVV) – the Chinmaya University was born. CVV is working to sculpt new leaders with knowledge of Indian heritage to selflessly serve society.

      How can you support this vision?

      To support CVV, we are launching the One Knowledge, One World, a peer-to-peer crowdfunding campaign. This means members from each Chinmaya Mission center will serve as ambassadors and reach out to their friends, colleagues, and family to raise funds. Our ambition is to raise USD $3 million across North America.

      Please register here to become an Ambassador below. Don’t worry, we will have a detailed discussion, help you every step of the way to be a successful CVV ambassador. And as an added bonus, you will earn volunteer hours from Chinmaya Mission Portland. You will be reaching out to your own friends and family. You will get videos, articles, and other materials to help you in your campaign.

      Together, we can bring this grand vision to life.  Please watch the video from Pujya Swami Swaroopananda (Global Head, Chinmaya Mission) and the video about CVV to learn more.

      Thank you!
      Surekha Reddy, Meera Nair & Avinash Kashyap

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      Cooking for Homeless Shelter continues

      When: Every Saturday
      Location: Chinmaya Haridwar” 3551 NE John Olsen Ave
      Volunteering opportunity exclusively for our members!

      Develop noble and enduring qualities. Watch in others for weaknesses that you should guard against, in yourself. Love all. Serve all. Love creates and lust destroys the peace in the heart of man.
      ~Swami Chinmayananda

      Hari OM!

      On Saturdays, we cook for a homeless shelter…

      Since 2013, we have been collaborating with Transition Projects to serve Portland’s most vulnerable residents. Volunteers cook and serve meals at a homeless shelter, for about 100-120 residents, every Saturday. Few service projects do as much immediate good or offer such a meaningful, personal experience as volunteering to prepare and serve a meal to people in need.

      *During the COVID-19 pandemic, all meal providing is “delivery only,” and volunteers cannot enter the shelter to cook or serve. We are cooking either at home or at Haridwar following all COVID-19 guidelines. If you are interested in volunteering, please send mail to “

      We encourage you to sponsor one time meal for the shelter ($150) or part of the meal through the button below, we will keep it as the seed money dedicated for this activity.  Please check with your employer about matching grants, it doubles your donation’s impact today!

      Thank you for your kindness & generosity in advance!

      FREE tutoring for ELL students (Translate)

      What: Free Tutoring
      Location: Chinmaya Haridwar” 3551 NE John Olsen Ave or “Zoom”
      For elementary & middle school English Language Learners (ELL) students!

      “Coronavirus Lag”

      Online learning issues are the educational pandemic that affects immigrant students the hardest. We have found it important to help them when they are younger to give them a head start in their academic studies.  Our Highschool students, under adult supervision, will tutor ELL students in math and English.

      We offer free personal tutoring for English language learners (ELLs) using “Zoom”. Prior registration is required. For maximum benefit, it is necessary to continue and no drop-in is allowed. Please contact us for more information. You can register at

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