Cookies 4 COVID Care (c4cc)

Krpa is an attitude of sympathy ‘cooked’ in kindness, honeyed with love and served on golden platters of understanding.
~Swami Chinmayananda

Hari OM!

Yaamini & Vaani Aga
Yaamini & Vaani Aga

Yaamini & Vaani Aga have been Chinmaya Mission Portland Balavihar students since they were in Pre-K, now they are our Balavihar 7th graders.

They have been pondering about the current times for a while and have over time observed how the virus has been impacting our community and the world.  Since they love baking and are very passionate about creating interesting flavors and combinations, girls came up with the idea to bake desserts and sell them to raise funds. Your donations go directly to CORDUSA which will in turn send the funds to the organization that works with COVID19 Relief, with zero overhead!

We request you to pre-order, and would greatly appreciate the encouragement.



Here’s a list of *ALL ORGANIC* items they can make for you, please select checkboxes when you pre-order.  Please be advised that items may have come in contact with Milk, Eggs, Wheat, and Nuts.



Agas will bring baked goods for you to pick up at Chinmaya Haridwar.

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