One Lord so many forms – Pre-K

Shubhashree Venkatesh & Bhaskar Ramakrishnan 

Pre-k has children between ages 3-5. We focus on building independence, active participation and mindfulness. Mindfulness is intrinsic to pre-K curriculum. We start with 3 Oms to calm the mind followed by opening prayers. Some house rules followed very well by kids are: Sitting well with backs straight, raising ones hand to speak and practice general hygiene to stay healthy. Kids are taught to welcome, respect and encourage each other.
Music is the main medium of learning in this class. Kids learn slokas and songs and encouraged to sing in Shruti. Some  dancing and games gets them moving and excited. And yoga teaches them focus.  It’s amazing to see kids this young lying in Shavasana in pin drop silence. We read books and analyze the morals behind words and actions to ensure children understand what is being read to them. Children learn the importance of quality work through careful coloring.  The 2 year curriculum really helps kids blossom, get confident, comfortable and ready for KG
Subhasree & Bhaskar