Message to Graduates

Anand Pashupathy

My Dear Graduates,

Congratulations on your Graduation. During these past years you have spent in Balavihar, recall some of these that you learned – the teachings of the twenty-four perceptors, the stories from Bhagavata, the traits and actions of Lord Rama in the Ramayana, the mighty powers of Hanuman, the wise sages and heroes of ancient Bharat, the colorful characters of Mahabharata, the lessons and discussions from Bhagavadgita and most recently, Pujya Gurudev’s guidance in Self-Unfoldment. All of these and many more form the foundation of the principles, values and skills from our Sanatana Dharma.

Graduation today does not signal the end of this learning. It is only the beginning. As you step into a new phase of your lives – new places, new friends, new environment, new location, new lifestyle, new subjects, new study skills, almost new everything – every day there will be new challenges, new experiences and new opportunities. Along with that you will also have newfound freedom and independence. Freedom to explore, freedom to experiment, freedom to be adventurous, freedom to dream big, freedom to achieve, freedom to create and freedom to grow in your chosen profession. Today will be the beginning of a journey on a path that will take you to dizzying heights and towering successes. Today will be the beginning when all the values that your teachers in Balavihar have helped instill in you help and support you in that journey. Today will be the start of putting to practice a lot of what you have been learning till now. Continue your study and practice of our culture, traditions, scriptures and our way of spiritual life.

Just remember that everyone of us, those present and those that are not, will always be wishing you well, praying for your continued success and cherishing you in all endeavors that you are going to pursue. May the Lord’s Grace and Pujya Gurudev’s blessings be with you at all times.

Om Tat Sat.

Hari Om.

May 2019