Singing & learning together with our infant class

Usha Praveen & Ramya Chandrasekar

What can be more rewarding than seeing little ones excited and trying to imitate gestures and bring out their first sound of music. The infant class which ranges from little ones newborn to three years of age  gives the opportunity for the same. They really enjoyed listening and humming along to shlokas, notes, bhajans, talams and bits of classical and semi classical songs, some using rhythm props (musical instruments, egg shakers) and others  with hand gestures or standing movements. This year kids were also introduced to multi lingual rhymes with actions, exposing them more to the sights and sounds from an Indian household. To keep the little ones busy for up to an hour, a touch of yoga , some coloring and craft activities relevant to festivals such as Ganesh chaturthi, Shivarathri, Sri Ramanavami and a little thank you for the enthusiastic parents who were so involved with the kids in class.

Here’s wishing our toddlers  Shiven, Srishti, Annapurni, Pranav,Avyukth, Arinjay , Kian and Nischala  a great time in their Pre-K classes and looking forward to our new and continuing kids Sai Krishna, Adhya Sarmishta and Avyansh for the next year !