India, The Sacred Land – 6th Grade

Sid Ramachandran, Hari Chandrasekaran

The 6th grade curriculum, “India, the Sacred Land”, helps students develop a better appreciation for the great country and its culture and traditions. After having learned stories of Krishna, Rama, Hanuman and many other Gods and Goddesses in the early elementary grades followed by the symbolism behind the spiritual practices in the 5th grade, the 6th curriculum provides a peek into what India stands for, its glorious heritage and time-tested scriptures. The curriculum also covers a variety of other topics like India’s geography, mountains and rivers, languages and festivals, food and clothing, various arts and sports, etc. It also deals with various saints and masters and their contributions.

These were fun topics for the kids and we tried to make it more interesting through discussions, jeopardy, and puzzles. 6th graders also collected points every week for the clothes they wore. The kids did a fantastic job of motivating each other to come in Indian clothes and they won themselves a bowling party at the Big Al’s at the end of the school year. We, teachers, had a great time with this year’s 6th graders and we wish them good luck!

Sid & Hari