Baala Bhagavatam – 3rd Grade

Radheka Godse & Kavitha Veerappan

Kavitha and I (radheka) profusely thank the Chinmaya Haridwar BV co-ordination team and parents for this opportunity to teach our children our rich culture. It has been great joy to be with same batch of children continuously for two years and to witness their blooming and cheerful personality unfold within… we hope to teach them again in the remote future few years ahead 🙂

Last year Shri Hanuman The Super Superman visited 2nd Grade class every sunday morning & their 3rd year in BalavihAr has indulged them in stories from BalaBhAgavatam to dive further deeper into our core. Come attend our BAlavihAr assembly at 9:20am to check this for a fact :). You will observe our dynamic vAnaraSenA sitting in discipline crisscross and alert utilizing the metaphor of HanumAnji-s backbone plus calm & serene within shining like beautiful blossoms:

॥ बद्धिबल यशोधय निर्यत्व अरोगता अजाड्य वाक्पटत्व च हिमत स्मरणाद् र्वत॥

Buddhir-Balam Yashodhairyam Nirbhayatvam Arogata, Ajadyam Vakpatutvam ca Hanumat Smaranad Bhavet.

Through the worship of Sri Hanuman, one will be blessed with budding (intelligence), balam (strength), yeshas (fame), dhairyam (Courage), nirbhayatvam (fearlessness), arogata ( free from diseases, good health), ajadyam (alertness), and vakpatutam (eloquence). Over the past year we have evolved with BalaBhagavatam to develop devotion in our children. We covered episodes from first nine cantos of Shrimad BhAgavatam and the five avatAras of Lord Vishnu to inculcate faith and a sense of security within: “If I am good, God will protect me.” To conclude this year children will build the DashAvatara mobile and bring it home as a keepsake.

Along with morals of Shrimad BhAgavatam we learned & presented the Shri Guru and DashAvatara stotram to the Balavihar assembly and invited parents to our class room for a meet and greet and DashAvatara puja. We deep dove into core values such as austerity/tapas utilizing practical activities to reinforce lessons of Shrimad BhAgavatam. Visit 3rd grade classroom and see all our display boards. See some glimpses of our “I Promise” (where we took vows on each of our little fingers to do something and live by that vow, that we are doing tapas ☺) bow down in reverence to the GuruShishyaParampara which inspires us to strive to share that only respecting something remains a value only, bringing it to LIFE makes it the VIRTUE.

Kavitha & Radheka