Message to Graduates

Ramesh Krishnamurthy

My Dear Graduates,

As you graduate from Balavihar, and later, in less than a month, as you graduate from High School, you are going onto another stage in your life with a step larger than any you have taken till now. Seeing you all grow through the years, I have several, maybe many many, things I want to talk to you about. However, I am choosing just three of them.
First, don’t ever give up on your dreams. Sometimes these dreams are what your passion and goals are made of. Even if it appears to be a difficult time, or challenging time, or just plain stressful – hang on. All these situations are temporary and they will eventually subside. Keep going, and going, and going.

Second, make time for all the other activities that are pure fun and play. Time, unfortunately, won’t be something in lots of supply when you are in college. Study will consume as much time as you can put in to it. In spite of that, make sure you make time for fun and games, those that you enjoy, help you relax and feel being happy. Whether it is a sport, art, hobby or just plain spending time with good friends. Manage your time well to include all of these.
Lastly, don’t forget your roots. Don’t let go of the friendships you have here back at home. Don’t forget your childhood friends. Don’t forget your teachers, from elementary to high school, your music dance and sports teachers, and your Balavihar teachers. Don’t forget your aunts, uncles and the community here that you have been with till now.

Just assure yourself that everyone of us, those present and those that are not, will always be wishing you well, praying for your continued success and cherishing you in all endeavors that you are going to pursue.

I love you.

May 2018